Ultimate Bennett Build Guide: Best Weapons, Artifacts and Team Comps

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Bennett is one of the most versatile and powerful support characters in Genshin Impact. As a four-star Pyro character, Bennett brings immense value to any team with his fantastic healing capabilities, attack buffing potential, and ability to generate Pyro particles.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best weapons, artifacts, and team comps to maximize Bennett’s potential as a top-tier support character. Whether you need a healer, damage booster, or Pyro applicator, Bennett can fill any role while also providing huge utility through his Elemental Burst.

So let’s dive into the various ways to build Bennett for end-game content like Spiral Abyss!


Choosing the right weapon for Bennett is critical to maximize his supporting capabilities. Here are some of the best 4 and 5 star weapons for him:

4 Star Weapons

Prototype Rancour

Prototype Rancour Image

Prototype Rancour is Bennett’s best 4-star weapon option. It has a high base ATK which gets transferred to his ATK buff. The effect also gives him more Base ATK and increases his damage.

The Alley Flash

The Alley Flash Image

The Alley Flash is also a great F2P choice. Its high Base ATK and ATK% substat boosts Bennett’s buff. The passive increases the whole team’s damage too.

Festering Desire

Festering Desire Image

Festering Desire is Bennett’s best free weapon. It buffs his Elemental Skill damage significantly and provides great Energy Recharge.

Favonius Sword

Favonius Sword Image

Favonius Sword is a decent option for supporting. Its Energy Recharge substat helps Bennett get his Burst back faster.

5 Star Weapons

Skyward Blade

Skyward Blade Image

Skyward Blade is Bennett’s best 5-star weapon. It has the highest Base ATK in the game and its secondary stat Energy Recharge makes his Burstspam easier.

Aquila Favonia

Aquila Favonia Image

Aquila Favonia gives Bennett an enormous ATK boost. But the Physical DMG Bonus substat is somewhat wasted. Still an amazing option overall.

Mistsplitter Reforged

Mistsplitter Reforged Image

Mistsplitter Reforged provides Bennett with great CRIT stats and a DMG% buff. It’s mostly used to build him as a Sub DPS.

Freedom Sworn

Freedom Sworn Image

Freedom Sworn buffs Elemental Mastery and provides ATK%. Its passive also buffs allies’ damage. A great support weapon for Bennett.


Bennett generally prioritizes Energy Recharge in Artifacts so he can use his Burst on cooldown. You can go with 2 different builds depending on your needs:

Full Noblesse Oblige

Noblesse Oblige Image

4pc Noblesse Oblige is Bennett’s best artifact set. It buffs his Burst damage and provides an ATK bonus for your entire team.

Main Stats:

  • Sands: Energy Recharge or HP%
  • Goblet: HP%
  • Circlet: Healing Bonus


  • Energy Recharge
  • HP%
  • Healing Bonus

Sub DPS Build

Crimson Witch and Noblesse Oblige Image

A 2pc Crimson Witch + 2pc Noblesse build focuses more on Bennett’s personal damage rather than just pure buffing.

Main Stats:

  • Sands: ATK% or EM
  • Goblet: Pyro DMG
  • Circlet: CRIT Rate / CRIT DMG


  • ATK%
  • EM
  • CRIT
  • Energy Recharge

Team Compositions

Bennett works great in a wide variety of team comps thanks to his versatility. Here are some of his best teams:

Vaporize Team

This comp focuses on Vaporize reactions between Bennett’s Pyro and Xingqiu’s Hydro. Sucrose amplifies the damage further.

Melt Team

  • Bennett (Main DPS)
  • Rosaria/Kaeya (Cryo Applicator)
  • Xiangling (Pyro Resonance + Melt)
  • Flex

Bennett triggers Melt reactions in this comp while cycling between Cryo and Pyro characters.

Sunfire Overvape

This team relies on Overloaded and Vaporize reactions caused by the combined Pyro auras of Bennett and Xiangling.

Buffing Team

  • Bennett
  • Yae Miko/Fischl (Off-field DPS)
  • Kazuha/Sucrose (VV Shred + Buffing)
  • Flex

Bennett acts as a pure buffer here, amplifying Yae/Fischl’s damage with his ATK buff + VV Shred.

Raiden Hypercarry

  • Raiden Shogun (Main DPS)
  • Bennett (ATK Buff + Overload)
  • Sara/Lisa (ATK Buff + Resonance)
  • Kazuha/Sucrose (VV Shred + Buffing)

Bennett enables Raiden to reach her maximum damage potential through his buffs and Overload procs.


Bennett’s Elemental Burst is his most important talent by far. Prioritize leveling it first, then his Skill, then his Normal Attack.

Here are the recommended talent levels:

  • Elemental Burst: Level 8+
  • Elemental Skill: Level 6+
  • Normal Attack: Level 6

Getting his Burst to Lv.13 is highly recommended for the huge ATK buff scaling.


Bennett has one of the best constellation paths in the game. Unlocking them significantly boosts his supporting capabilities.

Here are the key constellations to aim for:

C1 - Fantastic Voyage

Increases the Buff Duration of Bennett’s Burst from 10 to 12 seconds. Extremely good QoL change.

C5 - Conclusion of Adventure

Increases the Base ATK buff provided by Bennett’s Burst from 20% to 35%. Massive damage boost for buffed characters.


What main stats should I prioritize on Artifacts for support Bennett?

Focus on ER Sands, HP% Goblet and Healing Bonus Circlet. Substats should be HP%, ER, and flat HP.

Is Aquila Favonia good for support Bennett?

Yes, Aquila Favonia is one of Bennett’s best 5-star weapons. It has the highest Base ATK which gets transferred to other characters.

Should I use 4pc Noblesse on Bennett?

4pc Noblesse is the best artifact set on Bennett in most situations. The ATK buff benefits your entire team.

Is C1 Bennett worth it?

Yes, C1 is a big powerspike for Bennett making him a much smoother support. The extended Burst duration provides a lot more flexibility.

What talent should I prioritize on Bennett?

Bennett’s Elemental Burst talent is by far the most important. Make sure to level it up as high as possible for maximum buffing potential.

What comps work well with Bennett?

Bennett fits into many team comps like Vaporize, Melt, Hypercarry, Overvape, Mono Pyro, and more. He works with almost every other character.


With the right build, Bennett ascends into one of Genshin Impact’s top meta supports. His unmatched healing combined with massive ATK buffing enables him to amplify damage to new heights.

Focus on Energy Recharge and HP to keep his Burst ready off cooldown. Equip him with Noblesse Oblige and a high Base ATK sword like Prototype Rancour. Support him with reactions like Vaporize or Overload to get the most out of his buffs.

Unlocking Bennett’s C1 and C5 constellations will take his support capabilities even further beyond. He can fit into countless team compositions and boost practically any main DPS.

So build your Benny boy, watch his Fantastic Voyage shine, and bring some firepower to your Genshin Impact team!

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