Ultimate Eula Build Guide: Best Weapons, Artifacts and Team Comps

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Introduction to Eula in Genshin Impact

Eula is a powerful Cryo claymore character in Genshin Impact. She is a 5-star character capable of dealing massive physical damage. Eula’s abilities allow her to stack up damage with her Elemental Skill and unleash it all at once with her Elemental Burst for huge burst damage numbers.

Properly building Eula can help maximize her damage output. This guide will go over recommendations for weapons, artifacts, and talent levels to make the most of Eula’s potential.

Eula’s Strengths

Some of Eula’s greatest strengths that make her a top-tier DPS include:

  • Extremely high multipliers on her Burst for huge nuke damage
  • Access to Superconduct reaction with Cryo to reduce enemy Physical RES
  • Fast and wide-reaching attacks thanks to her claymore
  • High scaling on Normal Attacks for strong regular combo damage

What Makes Eula a Strong Physical DPS?

Eula is one of the best Physical DMG carry characters for a few reasons:

  • Her Burst scales off her ATK and Physical DMG Bonus
  • Holding her Skill consumes her Resolve stacks for more Burst damage
  • Passive talent increases Physical DMG Bonus after using Burst
  • Ascension 4 talent gives 30% Physical RES shred after Burst

Building for Physical DMG allows Eula’s Burst nuke to reach its highest potential.

Best Weapons for Eula

These are the recommended weapons for Eula:

5-Star Weapons

Song of Broken Pines (Signature Weapon)

Song of Broken Pines Image

Increases Physical DMG and ATK. Its passive grants ATK, Attack Speed, and increases the power of Normal and Charged Attacks after using an Elemental Burst.

Wolf’s Gravestone

Wolf's Gravestone Image

Gives ATK% substat and passive that increases ATK further against low HP enemies. Its ATK focused-stats complement Eula’s high Burst scaling.

Skyward Pride

Skyward Pride Image

Has Energy Recharge substat to fuel Burst and a vacuum blade passive that triggers on Normal and Charged attacks.

4-Star Weapons

Serpent Spine (Battle Pass)

Serpent Spine Image

Provides CRIT Rate substat and increases DMG through its passive stacks. Consistent critical hits empower Eula’s Burst.

Snow-Tombed Starsilver

Snow-Tombed Starsilver Image

Increases Physical DMG and has a chance to form an icy orb after hitting an enemy. Well-suited for Eula’s Physical focus.

Prototype Archaic

Prototype Archaic Image

Has ATK% substat. Passive increases DMG against enemies hit. Solid F2P option.

Luxurious Sea-Lord (Event Only)

Luxurious Sea-Lord Image

Gives ATK% and DMG buffs. Can work in a pinch if lacking other options.

Best F2P Weapon for Eula

For a completely free-to-play option, Snow-Tombed Starsilver is Eula’s best weapon. Its Physical DMG stat aligns perfectly with her kit.

Prototype Archaic can work as well since Eula still benefits greatly from ATK% scaling due to her high multipliers.

Artifacts for Eula

Prioritize the Pale Flame artifact set for Eula. The 4-piece set bonus increases her Physical DMG by 25% and gives 9% ATK at max stacks.

If lacking enough Pale Flame pieces, pairing 2-piece Pale Flame with 2-piece Bloodstained Chivalry can work as an interim option.

For main stats focus on:

  • Sands of Eon - ATK%
  • Goblet - Physical DMG Bonus
  • Circlet - CRIT Rate or CRIT DMG

Aim for a 1:2 ratio of CRIT Rate to CRIT DMG in your substats. Some Energy Recharge is also helpful to charge her 80 energy Burst faster.

Best Teams for Eula

Freeze Team

  • Eula - Main DPS
  • Cryo battery (Diona, Rosaria, Kaeya) - Generating Cryo particles for Eula
  • Hydro applicator (Xingqiu, Mona) - Enabling Freeze reaction
  • Flex (Mika, Zhongli, Fischl, Beidou) - Off-field damage and utility

This team claws back energy for Eula’s Burst and takes advantage of Superconduct and Frozen for Physical RES shreds.

Superconduct Team

  • Eula - Main DPS
  • Electro applicator (Fischl, Raiden Shogun) - Triggering Superconduct
  • Cryo battery
  • Shielder/Healer (Zhongli, Diona)

Focuses on Superconduct’s 40% Physical RES reduction to amplify Eula’s damage. Flexible last slot for shields/heals.

Double Geo Team

  • Eula
  • Electro (Fischl, Beidou)
  • Geo (Zhongli, Albedo)
  • Geo (Zhongli, Albedo)

Geo resonances provide extra DMG and resistance to interruption. Last slot can be a utility character of your choice.

Talent Level Priority

Prioritize leveling Eula’s talents in this order:

  1. Elemental Burst
  2. Normal Attack
  3. Elemental Skill

Her Burst is where the majority of her damage comes from, so maximizing its levels first is ideal. Skipping Eula’s Normal Attacks will gimp her regular combo and Charged Attack damage in between Bursts.

Getting her Skill to 6 is sufficient, before moving back to further improve Burst > Normal Attacks.

Eula Constellations

Here are some of Eula’s most notable constellations:

C1 - Grimheart’s duration extended by 6s. Allows more uptime on the ATK Spd and Physical RES shred buff.

C2 - Tap Skill CD decreased and energy regen increased. Better uptime on Resolve stacks.

C4 - Normal Attack SPD increased by 30% against enemies with lower 50% HP. Boosts her raw autos.

C6 - Lightfall Swords initial slash deals 100% of the Burst’s damage. Essentially doubles her nuke.

Constellations 2 and 6 offer powerful damage spikes. But Eula still performs well at C0.


What artifacts should I use for support Eula?

For a quickswap burst support Eula, use a 2-piece Pale Flame + 2-piece Noblesse Oblige set. Prioritize Energy Recharge in substats.

What team comps work well with Eula besides Superconduct?

Eula teams focused on boosting her Burst damage through buffers like Bennett, Sara, and Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers work well. Anemo characters with Viridescent Venerer can also shred Physical RES.

Is Serpent Spine better than Snow-Tombed for Eula?

Serpent Spine edges out Snow-Tombed if you can keep its stacks up consistently. However, Snow-Tombed is much easier to acquire and use as a pure F2P option.

Should I go for C2 or Song of Broken Pines if I can only get one?

Song of Broken Pines has more value long-term as Eula’s signature weapon over a single constellation. Especially if you lack 5-star weapons.

What talent level is enough for Eula’s Skill?

Eula’s Skill can remain at level 6 or 7 as long as you heavily invest in her Burst and Normal Attacks. The Resolve stacks matter more than the Skill’s damage.


With the right build, Eula can unleash the full potential of her massive Burst nuke and become an absolute powerhouse Physical DPS. Properly gearing her with Pale Flame artifacts, CRIT stats, and Physical DMG weapons like Song of Broken Pines, Serpent Spine, or Snow-Tombed Starsilver will allow her to dominate enemies.

Make sure to use Superconduct and cryo batteries in her team compositions. Prioritize leveling her Burst talent first and foremost. Putting together the right supporting roster alongside maxing out Eula’s own damage will let you demolish all foes in your path.

Eula remains one of the top meta Physical carries. Investing in building her can bring huge rewards in combat. With the strategies outlined in this guide, you’ll have the best Eula build ready to crush any challenge!

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