Ultimate Fischl Build Guide: Best Weapons, Artifacts and Team Comps

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Fischl is one of the most versatile and powerful Electro characters in Genshin Impact. With the right artifacts, weapons, and party composition, Fischl can unleash devastating Electro damage as a main DPS or provide excellent off-field Electro application and damage as a sub DPS. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the best weapons, artifacts, talents, and teams to maximize Fischl’s potential at all stages of the game.

An Introduction to Fischl’s Kit

Fischl is a 4-star bow user added in Version 1.0 who utilizes Electro damage and raven summons to dominate on the battlefield. Here’s a quick overview of her abilities:

Normal Attack: Bolts of Downfall

Fischl’s normal attacks are fast bow shots that deal Physical damage. At higher talent levels, charged aimed shots deal significantly higher damage.

Elemental Skill: Nightrider

Summons Oz, Fischl’s raven familiar that attacks nearby opponents with Electro damage. Oz remains on the field while Fischl is off-field, allowing her to deal excellent off-field damage.

Elemental Burst: Midnight Phantasmagoria

Summons a magical Ravenfield that deals continuous Electro damage to opponents within its AoE. This ability re-summons Oz if he is not already present.


  • Undying Admiration: Extends Oz’s duration.
  • Gaze of the Deep: Oz attacks with Fischl when she triggers reactions.
  • Evernight Raven: Decreases Nightrider CD and Energy cost.

With the right build, Fischl can maximize Oz’s Electro application for reactions or boost her personal Electro damage to take on a main DPS role.

Best Weapons for Fischl

Fischl can utilize a wide variety of bows effectively. Here are some of the best weapons to consider:

5-Star Bows

Skyward Harp

Skyward Harp Image

Crit Rate substat and increased CRIT DMG makes this Fischl’s best-in-slot for main DPS.

Polar Star

Polar Star Image

Excellent for snapshotting the ATK buff on Oz. Very strong for both main DPS and sub DPS.

Thundering Pulse

Thundering Pulse Image

ATK% substat with increased Normal/Charged Attack DMG is great for On-field Fischl.

4-Star Bows

Alley Hunter

Alley Hunter Image

High ATK and increased Elemental Mastery after skill casts. Great for Reaction Fischl.

The Stringless

The Stringless Image

Boosts Elemental Skill and Burst damage significantly. BiS for off-field sub DPS Fischl.

Mouun’s Moon

Mouun's Moon Image

High ATK and Energy Recharge for consistent bursts.

Favonius Warbow

Favonius Warbow Image

Generates Energy for the team. Good budget option.

For F2P or low spenders, The Stringless and Alley Hunter are her best 4-star options.

Best Artifacts for Fischl

Fischl can utilize both 2-piece ATK% bonuses or 4-piece damage bonuses depending on her role.

Main DPS Artifacts

  • 2-Piece Glad + 2-Piece Thundering Fury: Best option to maximize Fischl’s personal damage.
  • 4-Piece Thundersoother: Situational, but strong in Electro-only teams.

Support/Sub DPS Artifacts

  • 2-Piece Glad/Shimenawa + 2-Piece Thunderfury/Gambler: Standard well-rounded build.
  • 4-Piece Tenacity: Provides team-wide ATK buff. Great in multi-reaction teams.
  • 4-Piece Noblesse: Burst support option for buffing team damage.

Best Stats to Prioritize

For main stats focus on:

  • Sands: ATK% or Electro DMG% Goblet
  • Goblet: Electro DMG%
  • Circlet: CRIT Rate or DMG Circlet

For substats focus on:

  • CRIT Rate/DMG
  • ATK%
  • Energy Recharge

Elemental Mastery is good to have in Reaction focused teams.

Best Fischl Talent Build Order

Here are the recommended talent levels for Fischl based on her role:

Main DPS

Prioritize leveling Normal Attacks > Elemental Skill > Elemental Burst

Sub DPS/Support

Prioritize Elemental Skill > Elemental Burst > Normal Attacks

Crowning her Elemental Skill is highly recommended to maximize Oz’s damage.

Best Fischl Team Compositions

Thanks to Oz, Fischl fits flexibly into a wide variety of team archetypes. Here are some top comps for her:

Electro DPS Carry

  • Fischl Main DPS
  • Beidou/Yae Miko for Electro Resonance
  • Anemo unit (Sucrose/Venti/Kazuha) for Swirl/VV
  • Flex spot (Zhongli or Bennett recommended)

Stacks Electro damage for major DPS. Swirls amplify Electro reactions.

Aggravate Trigger

  • Fischl Sub DPS
  • Dendro Applicator (Traveler/Collei/DMC)
  • Anemo unit (Sucrose/Jean/Heizou)
  • Flex spot (Zhongli/Diona or hydro)

Fischl’s Oz enables frequent Aggravate triggers for major damage.

Superconduct Enabler

  • Fischl Sub DPS
  • Main Cryo DPS (Ayaka/Ganyu/Eula)
  • Anemo support (Venti/Sucrose/Kazuha)
  • Flex (Zhongli/Diona or Bennett)

Fischl enables Superconduct to amplify Physical damage.

Overload Enabler

  • Fischl Sub DPS
  • Pyro DPS (Yoimiya/Diluc/Klee)
  • Hydro/Pyro supports
  • Anemo CC (Kazuha/Sucrose)

Fischl enables Overload for Pyro DPS while providing off-field electro damage.

Fischl’s Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Powerful off-field Electro DPS
  • Flexible team roles and comps
  • High Electro uptime for reactions
  • Low burst cost (useful in energy-restricted teams)


  • Long Skill CD (mitigated by C6 and passive)
  • Overload knockback can be disruptive
  • Struggles against Electro-immune/resistant enemies

Proper team building and rotations can help overcome Fischl’s disadvantages. Her strengths make her one of the top sub DPS picks in the game.

Is C6 Fischl Worth It?

Fischl’s C6 constellation Oz becomes hermit causes Oz to strike nearby opponents when Fischl attacks, essentially doubling her damage. This makes C6 extremely strong for on-field DPS Fischl allowing her to machine gun Electro arrows at a ridiculous pace.

However, C6 does not affect Oz’s personal damage, only adding extra hits from Fischl’s attacks. So while nice, it is not absolutely essential for off-field sub DPS Fischl.

Fischl Build FAQs

What artifacts for support Fischl?

2-Piece ATK + 2-Piece Thundering Fury or 4-piece Tenacity are great for support Fischl. Stringless is her best support weapon.

What artifacts for DPS Fischl?

2-Piece Glad + 2-Piece Thundering Fury or 4-piece Thundersoother for electro-focused teams. Skyward Harp or Thundering Pulse are best DPS weapons.

What’s the best F2P weapon for Fischl?

The Craftable Bow Prototype Crescent is Fischl’s best F2P weapon option. Its high ATK and passive proc work well.

Does Fischl work in Bloom/Hyperbloom teams?

Yes, Fischl is an excellent off-field Electro applicator for triggering Hyperbloom reactions. She can enable big Bloom damage.

What bow for Support Fischl with Tenacity?

Favonius or Sacrificial Bows allow Fischl to burst off cooldown to maintain 100% Tenacity uptime. The Stringless also works well.

What main stats for Fischl artifacts?

ATK/Electro/Crit for DPS build. ATK/Electro/ER or EM for reaction focused builds.


With the right build, Fischl is one of the strongest sub DPS supports that can also take on the main DPS role comfortably. Her versatility in enabling reactions and providing sustained off-field Electro damage is invaluable for a variety of team comps.

Investing in her best weapons, artifacts, and talent levels will let you get the most out of Prinzessin der Verurteilung!

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