Yoimiya Build Guide: Maximize Damage for Genshin's Best Pyro Archer

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Introduction to Yoimiya Build

Yoimiya is a 5-star Pyro character in Genshin Impact who performs best as a DPS. She relies on normal attacks for the bulk of her damage, so building her effectively is crucial to maximize her potential. This guide delves into various ways to build Yoimiya, covering weapon, artifact, team, and strategy options.

Yoimiya’s Strengths

Yoimiya shines against single targets. Her flaming arrows focus all of their damage onto one opponent, making her an excellent choice versus bosses and elite enemies. Additionally, her normal attacks are not affected by ICD, so she can trigger elemental reactions with every shot.

Other strengths include:

  • Consistent damage against lone enemies
  • Not affected by ICD on her normal attacks
  • Can easily activate Overload, Vaporize, Melt
  • Good party support with her Burst
  • Easy to build and play

Potential Weaknesses

Despite her high damage potential, Yoimiya has some disadvantages:

  • Reliant on normal attacks, vulnerable to interruptions
  • Limited AoE damage versus groups
  • Burst has a short range
  • Trouble hitting moving targets

Players should consider these weaknesses when forming a team to support her and cover her deficiencies.

Weapons for Yoimiya

Weapons can greatly influence Yoimiya’s effectiveness. Here are some of the best options:

Thundering Pulse (5-star)

Thundering Pulse Image

  • Yoimiya’s signature weapon
  • Increases ATK and CRIT DMG
  • Enhances her normal and charged attacks

Ideal for maximizing her damage as a main DPS. The strongest 5-star option.

Rust (4-star)

Rust Image

  • Increases normal attack damage
  • Reinforces Yoimiya’s focus on normal attacks
  • More accessible than 5-star options

An excellent 4-star option with targeted benefits. Great value.

Skyward Harp (5-star)

Skyward Harp Image

  • High base ATK
  • Increases CRIT rate
  • Extra riptide damage

Powerful standard 5-star weapon. Useful if you need more CRIT rate.

Slingshot (3-star)

Slingshot Image

  • Increased damage against nearby enemies
  • Cheap and easy to refine
  • Good temporary option

Hamayumi (4-star)

Hamayumi Image

  • Increases normal and charged attack damage
  • Requires 100% Burst energy
  • Viable 4-star alternative

Viable options depending on available resources. Prioritize normal attack.

Artifacts for Yoimiya

Artifacts also play a vital role in getting the most out of Yoimiya.

2-Piece Gladiator + 2-Piece Shimenawa

Gladiator and Shimenawa Image

  • Increases ATK and normal damage
  • Direct bonuses for her main source of damage
  • Easy to obtain and farm

A solid set that enhances her normal attack focused playstyle. Recommended for most builds.

4-Piece Shimenawa

Shimenawa Image

  • Increases normal and charged attack damage
  • Requires not using Burst
  • For pure normal attack focus

Another set focused on pushing her normal attacks to the maximum. But reduces flexibility of using her Burst.

4-Piece Archaic Petra

Archaic Petra Image

  • Increased DMG against enemies affected by Pyro
  • Requires applying Pyro with another character
  • Powers up her Overload reaction

Interesting set if you use another Pyro applier. Good offensive bonuses.

Prioritize ATK% or EM / Pyro DMG / Crit main stats. Substats with ATK, EM, CRIT.

Possible Yoimiya Team Compositions

Yoimiya performs best with characters that can enable reactions like Vaporize or provide damage buffs. Here are some solid team options:

Overload Team

  • Yoimiya, Fischl, Beidou, Bennett
  • Fischl and Beidou provide electro for Overload
  • Bennett gives attack and healing

Constant Overload reactions. Good buffs and protection.

Vaporize Team

  • Yoimiya, Xingqiu, Yun Jin, Bennett/Zhongli
  • Xingqiu enables Vaporize reactions
  • Yun Jin buffs normal attacks
  • Bennett or Zhongli for attack and protection

Strong Vaporizes utilizing Xingqiu. Yun Jin increases damage.

Sunfire Team

  • Yoimiya, Bennett, Jean/Sayu, flex spot
  • Bennett and Jean/Sayu for Sunfire Overload
  • Flexible last slot

Sunfire allows Overload without needing electro. Healing and VV if Jean.

Other good characters: Yelan, Kazuha, Zhongli. Prioritize reaction enablers and damage buffers.

Based on the covered options, here are some solid combinations for an effective Yoimiya build:

5-Star Build

  • Weapon: Thundering Pulse
  • Artifacts: 2-Piece Gladiator + 2-Piece Shimenawa
  • Team: Yoimiya, Yelan, Fischl, Zhongli

Maximum damage focus using her best signature weapon and offensive artifacts. Electro reactions with Zhongli for protection.

4-Star Build

  • Weapon: Rust
  • Artifacts: 4-Piece Shimenawa
  • Team: Yoimiya, Xingqiu, Bennett, Sucrose

More accessible build leveraging Rust’s strong buff. Vaporize enabled by Xingqiu and Sucrose.

Beginner Build

  • Weapon: Slingshot
  • Artifacts: 2-Piece Gladiator + 2-Piece Berserker
  • Team: Yoimiya, Fischl, Barbara, Noelle

Cheap option for new players. Prioritize ATK and DMG. Healing and protection from Barbara and Noelle.

Gameplay and Tips

Here are some tips to maximize Yoimiya’s potential:

  • Cancel the end of her normal attack chain since it is slower. Cancel after the kick.
  • Use her Burst right before her skill for maximum uptime.
  • Aim well to ensure all shots hit the opponent.
  • Maintain distance to avoid interruptions when attacking.
  • Add a shield if you have issues with interruptions.
  • Activate her Burst even if not using Shimenawa set to buff the team.
  • Use stamina food if you have trouble dodging while attacking.
  • Prioritize CRIT rate to at least 50/100 first. Then focus on ATK% and Pyro DMG.

With practice, you’ll learn how to position and move to counter her natural weaknesses. Have fun incinerating enemies with the shrine maiden!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions about building and using Yoimiya:

What are the best 4-star weapons for Yoimiya?

Rust, Viridescent Hunt, Hamayumi are excellent 4-star options. Rust is probably the best pick.

How good is Yoimiya with the Archaic Petra set?

Archaic Petra can work well in teams with another Pyro applier. But Shimenawa or Gladiator are generally better.

Should I ignore her Burst if I use the Shimenawa set?

Not necessarily. Her Burst helps the team. You need to balance its use to maintain Shimenawa bonuses.

Xingqiu is the ideal Vaporize enabler for Yoimiya. Other good options are Yelan or Mona.

My Yoimiya dies too quickly in battle. What can I do?

Add a shield like Zhongli or Diona for greater survival. You can also use a healer like Bennett or Jean.

What substats should I prioritize for artifacts?

Focus on ATK%, CRIT rate, Pyro DMG bonus. Energy recharge is also useful.


Yoimiya requires good building and team composition to excel as a DPS. Her weapon and artifact options mostly focus on enhancing her natural talents for normal attack Pyro damage. Teams with reaction enablers and buffers best serve her precision high-damage focused playstyle. With the right guidance to polish her unique potential, Yoimiya can become a formidable offensive force in your party.

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