Yun Jin Build Guide: Unleash Her Support Potential in Genshin Impact

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Yun Jin is a powerful Dendro support character in Genshin Impact who excels at buffing normal attack damage. With the right build, artifacts, and team composition, Yun Jin can elevate your main DPS to new heights. This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know to build the best Yun Jin support for your account.

Yun Jin’s Kit and Role Overview

Normal Attacker Buffer Extraordinaire

Yun Jin’s entire kit is focused on buffing normal attack damage. Her elemental skill provides a stacking damage buff for normal attacks, while her burst grants a massive flat damage bonus during its duration. This makes her an excellent support option for characters who rely heavily on normal attack strings like Yoimiya, Ayato, and Noelle.

Defense Scaling Support

Uniquely, Yun Jin scales primarily off DEF rather than ATK for both damage and buffing power. This means focusing on DEF% main stats and substats is optimal for maximizing her potential. The Husk of Opulent Dreams artifact set synergizes perfectly with this DEF scaling.

Particle Generation and Energy Needs

While Yun Jin’s skill generates some elemental particles, her 80 energy cost burst means she needs a battery to fund it consistently. Batteries like Fischl and Bennett are great teammates for Yun Jin to keep her burst up. Building some Energy Recharge on Yun Jin also helps increase uptime.

Best Weapons for Support Yun Jin

Yun Jin’s best weapons boost her DEF, ER needs, or team buffing power. Here are top options to equip for her.

Favonius Lance

Favonius Lance Image

  • The high ER and particle generation from Favonius Lance solves Yun Jin’s energy needs.
  • The passive nets white particles to charge her burst faster.
  • A great free to play or early game option.

Staff of Homa

Staff of Homa Image

  • Grants a huge DEF% boost which scales her skill, burst, and personal damage.
  • The passive gives a sizable DMG% bonus when under 50% HP.
  • BiS for buffing Yun Jin’s capabilities overall.

White Tassel

White Tassel Image

  • The cheap 3-star option that provides a normal attack DMG% boost.
  • Good for early game accounts lacking 4-star and 5-star weapons.
  • Can be refined to higher levels easily.

Artifacts for Yun Jin

The Husk of Opulent Dreams set is tailor-made for Yun Jin. Alongside DEF% main stats, stacking ER in the substats is recommended.

Husk of Opulent Dreams (4pc)

Husk of Opulent Dreams Image

  • Buffs DEF and Geo DMG% after hitting enemies with Elemental Skill.
  • Perfect for Yun Jin’s kit and DEF scaling.
  • Farm the Husk/Clam domain to optimize this set.

Husk of Opulent Dreams (2pc) + Emblem of Severed Fate (2pc)

Husk of Opulent Dreams and Emblem of Severed Fate Image

  • Mixing the 2pc Husk DEF% bonus with 2pc Emblem ER% is a good alternative.
  • Gives her DEF scaling and resolves energy needs.
  • Can work with sub-optimal Husk pieces until farming a 4pc.

Main Stats

DEF% Sands / Geo DMG% Goblet / DEF% or CRIT Circlet


DEF% > ER% > CRIT > ATK%

Best Teams for Yun Jin

Yun Jin fits into teams focused on strengthening normal attack DPS characters. Here are some of her best team comps.

Yoimiya + Yun Jin + Yelan + Bennett

  • Yoimiya’s explosive normal attack damage is further amplified by Yun Jin’s buff.
  • Yelan adds substantial damage through her burst and reactions.
  • Bennett provides healing, ATK buffs, and Pyro resonance.

Ayato + Yun Jin + Fischl + Diona

  • Yun Jin empowers fellow Inazuman Ayato’s normal attack playstyle.
  • Fischl generates energy and enables Electro-charged reactions.
  • Diona shields, heals, and provides Cryo resonance crit bonus.

Noelle + Yun Jin + Fischl + Flex

  • Noelle’s sweeping normal attacks become deadlier with Yun Jin’s buffs.
  • Fischl batteries both of their high-cost bursts.
  • Flex slot can be Bennett, Zhongli, or an Anemo character.

Razor + Yun Jin + Diona + Flex

  • Physical DPS Razor gets a major boost from Yun Jin’s normal attack buffing.
  • Diona provides healing, shields, and Cryo resonance crit rate.
  • Flex slot can hold Bennett, Fischl, or an Anemo character like Sucrose.

Best Constellations for Yun Jin

At C0, Yun Jin is already a great support. Getting duplicates unlocks some nice upgrades for her kit. Here are her most impactful constellations:

C2: Bamboo Dragon’s Cascade

  • Boosts the DEF buff gained from using her burst to party members by 50%.
  • Her biggest powerspike for buffing capability.

C4: Dragon Storm

  • Increases her burst’s duration by 3s which extends her buff.
  • Provides more flexibility in rotations to buff all party members.

C6: Dragon’s Ode

  • Grants a 50% DEF buff for 12s after using her burst.
  • Further amplifies her personal damage and buff strength.

Talent and Ascension Priority

Here is the recommended order to level Yun Jin’s talents and ascend her:


Burst > Skill

Her burst buff is vital so maxing it first increases the attack buff bonus. Level her skill afterward for more defense stacks. Leave normal attacks unleveled.


1st > 2nd > 3rd

Ascending Yun Jin to unlock her A4 passive that converts DEF into additional burst damage is impactful. Get her to at least 60/70 for key talent levels.

Is C6 Yun Jin Viable as On-field DPS?

At C6, Yun Jin gains a significant DEF and normal attack DMG% buff after using her burst. This makes her capable of being an on-field DPS rather than just off-field support. However, you need to invest heavily into her normal attack talent, crit ratio, and field time to make this work.

It can be a fun alternative build, but support Yun Jin will contribute more to most team comps. On-field DPS Yun Jin also faces stiff competition from more dedicated DPS characters who outdamage her.

Is Yun Jin a Good Investment for F2P Players?

For free-to-play players, Yun Jin is an excellent long-term investment. Here’s why she shines as low-spender friendly:

  • Doesn’t need heavy investment to contribute in supporting roles
  • Favonius Lance and 4pc Husk set make her very F2P friendly
  • No need for constellations to function effectively
  • Flexible slotting into low-cost team comps with 4-star carries
  • High value from just leveling her burst talent even at low ascension

Yun Jin can skyrocket the damage of your built main DPS units as soon as you get her leveled. Focusing on her burst and DEF makes her a cheap but high impact support to raise over time.

Final Thoughts on Yun Jin’s Value

Yun Jin excellently fulfills her role as a specialist support for normal attacking characters. With the right artifacts, weapon, and team, she unlocks the full potential of carries like Yoimiya, Ayato, Noelle, and Razor.

While niche, Yun Jin’s buffing capabilities are unmatched in Genshin Impact. Her DEF scaling, solid particle generation, and versatile team options make her accessible for both whales and F2P. If you utilize normal attack spam playstyles, Yun Jin deserves a spot as a go-to support pick.

In Summary: How to Build the Best Yun Jin

  • Stack DEF% and some ER% for maximizing buffing power
  • Husk of Opulent Dreams 4pc set is ideal for DEF scaling
  • Level Burst > Skill and get her to 60/70 minimum
  • Favonius Lance solves her energy needs on a budget
  • Partner her with normal attack carries like Yoimiya and Ayato
  • Maintain near 100% burst uptime to amplify DPS damage

Building Yun Jin as a specialized buffer enables her to become an invaluable team player. With investment into her unique DEF-scaling capabilities, Yun Jin unlocks impressive strength as a support.

Frequently Asked Questions on Yun Jin

Is Yun Jin a DPS or support character?

Yun Jin is designed as a support focused on buffing normal attack damage rather than being an on-field main DPS. Her kit scales off DEF to enhance her skill and burst buffs. While she can be played as a DPS, especially at C6, she is much better optimized as an off-field buffer.

What talent should you level first for Yun Jin?

Leveling Yun Jin’s Elemental Burst talent first is recommended as it directly improves the attack buff bonus. Afterward, you can level her skill for more defense stacking power. Leave her normal attack talent alone.

What artifacts does Yun Jin use?

4pc Husk of Opulent Dreams is Yun Jin’s best artifact set. It improves her DEF which scales her buffing power. Main stats should be DEF% sands, Geo DMG% goblet, and DEF% or CRIT circlet. Substats should emphasize DEF% and Energy Recharge.

What is the best 4-star weapon for Yun Jin?

Favonius Lance is Yun Jin’s best 4-star weapon. It solves her energy requirement while also providing a base ATK boost to scale the attack buff from her burst. Other options are Blackcliff Pole for crit or Deathmatch for DEF.

How much ER does Yun Jin need?

Aim for 120-140% ER to comfortably fund Yun Jin’s 80 energy cost burst. This ensures maximum buff uptime. Key sources are substats, an ER weapon like Favonius Lance, and batteries like Fischl or Bennett.

What teams work well with Yun Jin?

Yun Jin fits best with normal attack carries like Yoimiya, Ayato, Noelle, Razor, and Chongyun. Good teammates provide energy particles, synergistic elements for reactions, and offensive buffs or utility. Some examples are Fischl, Zhongli, Bennett, and Anemo characters.


Yun Jin is a unique support who can take your normal attack reliant DPS to greater heights. Optimizing her DEF scaling and buffing power should be the priority. Her flexibility as a plug-and-play buffer with high uptime makes her an excellent investment. By following this guide, you can unlock Yun Jin’s full potential in buffing your teams.

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